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One Year of Marriage

How has it been a whole year?! March 10, 2018 was hands down one of the best days of my life. Easy! I spent a good chunk of our anniversary just going through photos and videos from the day and wanted to share some of my favorites that haven't posted yet! AND I realized I never shared my wedding video! Ahh!! I am obsessed with how it turned out and have watched it more times than I am willing to admit :-)

As far as our anniversary celebrations went, we had a super chill night at home. It was perfect. I made lobster ravioli and we picked up a berry chantilly cake from Whole Foods. We had a traditional croquembouche as our actual wedding cake, but we served berry chantilly at the wedding as well. It has always been our favorite cake! When we first moved in together, we lived right by Whole Foods and would always pick it up by the slice. It kind of became "our thing" and we have the cake for almost every celebration :-) And now we have an excuse to eat it *at least* once a year on our anniversary! This has been a crazy, and wonderful week, celebrating our first anniversary, reaching the full term mark in this pregnancy (come on baby Jack!), and matching into residency! I am bursting with joy and excitement!

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