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Change of Season, Change of Wine?

It has been a while since my last wine post, but I am glad to be back at it! Thanks for hanging in there ;-)

The weather is FINALLY changing and it is time to break out the sweaters...and red wine? As the temps drop, I typically pull for heavier, darker wines. Why is that? Sometimes I blame it on the foods I eat during colder months. Meaty dishes that beg far a hearty Cab, stews with root veggies perfect for an earthy Pinot Noir. But does that mean we need to put away the whites until warmer weather returns? Absolutely not! If you have been following me for a while, you now I always say to drink what you like, no matter what. (unless of course it is White Zinfandel...then don't drink that ;-) ) I love my reds with heartier foods or sitting on the patio around the fire pit, but I will always favor a nice crisp white. So I drink them all year round!

I recently found this yummy Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio. The hint of thyme that lingers on the tongue would be perfectly complement a dish seasoned with thyme like a roasted chicken, butternut squash soup, or french onion soup. This dry white wine also has a bright crispness thanks to the cool temperatures of the Alto Adige region of Italy. Fancy a nice spread of cheese and charcuterie in front of the fire place on a cold winter evening? This wine would likely enhance the flavors of a good amount of the cheeses you might choose for your board. It also tends to be a bit easier to pair white wines with a broad range of charcuterie.

Now that I am dreaming of the perfect cheese and charcuterie board, I have to tell you the best part... this wine is under $14! So cheers to a nice cold white wine on your even colder autumn nights!


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