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One Night In Bangkok

Bangkok was our first stop on our honeymoon in Thailand. We spent most of our time in southern Thailand, but decided to explore the big city before heading down. Bangkok is such a crazy city! A definite must on a trip to Thailand, but we felt like one full day was plenty for us. It has all the hustle and bustle that you would expect in a a city that size, but sprinkled with beautiful temples, amazing architecture, and some of the kindest people! They aren't kidding when they say Thailand is "the land of smiles." We actually didn't book our honeymoon until a little over a month before we left. We couldn't decide where we wanted to go, but I found cheap tickets, so we went for it! Thailand was on both of our bucket lists, so it was a pretty easy decision to book the trip! Once the trip was booked, I became super overwhelmed with the planning. Not going to lie. There are SO many beautiful places in Thailand and we only had a week. Deciding where to go while we were there was so hard. We ultimately decided to do one full day in Bangkok, then head down to Railay for a couple days, and we left our last two days unplanned (this was VERY hard for me! ahh!). Once we got to Railay, we loved it so much and decided to spend the rest of our trip there. Best decision ever. I will talk all about Railay in a separate post. Here is a rundown on what we did, where we stayed, and what we ate in Bangkok.

Where we stayed: We stayed at the Marriott Sukhumvit in the Thong Lo neighborhood of Bangkok. It was great! It was about a 45-60 minute Uber/taxi ride to the temples, but it was in a nice quiet area and near so yummy street food options. It is also very close to the Thong Lo SkyTrain station. And y'all! The breakfast at this place was like no other!! Every food you could ever imagine eating for breakfast was beautifully displayed on their very extensive buffet. They even had french toast offered cut down the middle and on the diagonal! Just in case you preferred one over the other! ha! The hotel also had a restaurant and bar on the rooftop with incredible views of Bangkok. We really enjoyed our stay here.

Getting around: Since we only had one day here, we stuck with Uber. If you plan on using Uber in Bangkok, just know that it is very frowned upon by the authorities there. The drivers typically asked one of us to sit up front and if we were stopped to pretend like we were old friends. We had heard many stories about taxi drivers scamming tourists, so we felt like Uber was the easiest way to avoid that. Like I mentioned above, the SkyTrain is another option. Whenever traveling to a new city, Bax and I always try to take public transportation. We feel like experiencing the culture through public transportation is worth the hassle of figuring out the system. We are kind of bummed we didn't use it in Bangkok. They also have a metro system. All of the maps are available online and they appear to be pretty simple to use! Unfortunately, neither the train nor the metro go directly to the temples.

What we ate: OMG the food!! Yes, I did end up with food poisoning (twice!), but I do not regret going all in trying the foods here. I will warn y'all with sensitive palates, their food is HOT. I am the type that pours hot sauce on everything, and I was struggling. It doesn't help that it is a bajillion degrees with 100% humidity! Aside from our amazing breakfast at our hotel, we opted for street food for the rest of our meals. The pic above is of my Tom Yum soup from the Sukhumvit Soi 38 night food market. It was delicious! Baxter was all about the mango sticky rice and got it at least once a day on our trip. It was probably the best from the Soi 38 market. Some of our other favorite foods we tried were the green curry and, of course, pad thai. All the pad thai.

What we did: We fit a lot in our one day. Our internal clocks were so off, so we decided to just wake up super early since we would be tired and jet lagged no matter what. Thank goodness for coffee! We had also read that getting to the temples super early is a must. Not only for the crowds, but to avoid the extreme heat that comes in the afternoon. We went to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The Grand Palace houses the Emerald Buddha. We spent a couple of hours here just wandering the grounds in awe of all of the detail on the buildings. It will seriously take your breath away! I wish we had done a bit more research on the history before going because we were a little lost and not sure exactly what we were looking at.

Can't wait to share with y'all our time in Krabi!

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