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Fit ID with Fleet Feet

Ok, this might have been the coolest shoe buying experience ever. It has been a while since I have hit the pavement running, but working in the hospital, I am standing in tennis shoes all. day. long. So finding a shoe that provided support and comfort is of utmost importance. Cue the fit id at Fleet Feet. My parents have always been runners and I remember them going to get their feet evaluated for running shoes at Fleet Feet when I was younger, but it was nothing like this new technology!

When I arrived at the store, I sat and chatted with Lance, the (most helpful!) Fleet Feet employee. He had me tell him all about my activity level, favorite type of activity, occupation, and what I look for in a tennis shoe. Who knew so much went into buying a tennis shoe?! I explained that I typically wear my tennis shoes to work with scrubs, stand for long hours, and my workouts involve forward movement (spin, elliptical, stair master, etc). Then it was time for the magic! The fit id! I stood on the 3D scanner and within 5 seconds, Lance had measurement of my feet on his iPad (and a copy in my inbox). It was SO neat! We discussed the results and how they would affect the type of shoe that would suit me best. He also assured me that my almost half-size discrepancy between feet was totally normal! haha Or maybe he was just being nice? ;-)

Once we finished discussing the results, Lance went to the back and grabbed me a stack of shoes that would meet my needs. I was encouraged to give each pair a little jog around the store to be sure they were comfortable. It was crazy how different each shoe fit. I will be honest, I typically just pick out a shoe based on its looks, but, y'all, I am a changed woman! When I put on the Hoka Clifton 4, it was like I was walking on a cloud. My foot was perfectly cradled. Mind blown. Amazing. Is this the beginning of my life as a professional marathon runner? (lol)

Have you ever had your feet evaluated for the perfect shoe? What was your experience?

*Thank you Fleet Feet for sponsoring this post!

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