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Hitting The Gym With Planet Fitness

Anyone else find themselves constantly saying “I’ll start eating better tomorrow” or “I am too tired for the gym today”? The holiday season can make it extra tough. We are so busy and surrounded by treats and celebrations, it can feel impossible to stay on track. It is so important to not let our health hit the back burner...even though that extra piece of pie is just sooo good.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am addicted to my spin classes. While I still live for sweating my booty off in a dark room with loud music, with my crazy, ever-changing rotation schedule, sometimes I cannot make it to the classes. Cue the 24-hour gym. Whether my work day is beginning at 6:00am or ending at 8:00pm, it is hard to come up with a legitimate excuse to skip the gym when it never closes. On top of the weird hours, being a third year med student also means I am on the road quite a bit. Finding a gym that had locations nationwide that I could use was important to me. Enter, Planet Fitness. Open 24/7? Check. A bagillion (1,400 to be exact) locations? Check. Super affordable? Check.

There are two different memberships offered, the $10/month membership and the $21.99/month Black Card membership. While both options are chump change compared to other gym memberships, the Black Card membership is well worth the extra $12. Some of the perks include use of any of their locations nationwide, you can bring a guest at no charge, and unlimited use of the HydroMassage chairs in the Black Card spa area. Needing some extra motivation? They offer free fitness training to all of their members! Time to dust off those skinny jeans, ladies! We are gonna show this holiday season what we are made of ;-)

Planet Fitness is offering $0 down on the Black Card membership at any of the six Tulsa locations listed here through December 31st. Use the promo code ‘BessettePF’

**Thank you Planet Fitness for sponsoring this post

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