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Tips For Tidying The Basement

Cleaning isn't just for spring time, y'all! So after the summer I had that was full of studying and zero free time, my house really took a hit. Especially our basement. It kind of became the "catch all" of the house. A massive junk drawer. If something was upstairs that I didn't want to look at anymore, down it went. So when I got in touch with Faith at Completely Organized, I knew she was going to be a game changer! When I was telling my girlfriends that I was having a professional organizer come to help me with the basement, they looked at me like I was crazy. I mean, how hard can it be to organize your own space? I know I am totally capable of doing it on my own, but to have Faith there to motivate me and guide me was amazing! What would have taken weeks to do, we got done in an afternoon. No joke. I didn't realize how many things I had taking up space down there that I needed to just get rid of. After donating the items we didn't use, and properly organizing the ones we do, my basement is finally a space that I can navigate without inducing an anxiety attack. Seriously, so amazing. Who knew how good an organized space could make you feel?! After Faith left, I used her tips and tricks and tackled some of our closets upstairs and Baxter tackled the garage!

Here are some tips from Faith about organizing those over-flow spaces in your house:

1. Don't take everything that doesn't fit into your home into the basement or attic. Keep a limit on items going into the space. A basement and attic are easy catch all spaces and can easily become over packed.

2. Label containers. If you are going to store stuff in the basement or attic, make sure and label. There is no purpose in storing if you don't know what is in the containers.

3. Do a annual basement and attic clean out. Get rid of items that you haven't used that year.

Below are a few before, during, and after photos. Don't judge me ;-)




Thank you so much Faith! If you are in Tulsa, this girl is the answer to your organizational prayers!

^^All smiles after getting the basement in order!

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