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Life Update

Sooo I have been a little (ok, a lot) MIA lately. Life has been crazy! Good crazy :-) I wanted to give y'all a little update on what I have been up to and answer some questions I have been getting lately.

I just finished up my first rotation in Internal Medicine. Ahh! I cannot believe how fast these two months have flown by. The first month I was on teaching service (spending time on the general medical floor) and this month I am on pulmonology. I have learned so much in these last two months I feel like my brain is going to explode! I have loved internal medicine so much, I am honestly worried I will think my future rotations are boring in comparison. I am excited to try out more fields though! All that being said, my hours have been long (usually 6-6) and we work 12 days on with 2 days off...leaving little time for blogging :-( I am hoping to post more once I am on rotations with lighter hours.

A lot of people have asked about all of the pups in my instastories. Rosie is still an only child :-) I just do a lot of dog sitting! I am on the website (use the code LAURENBESSETTE20 for $20 off your first booking) and I love coming home to extra pups in the house! We are watching the cutest french bulldog right now! I cannot get enough of that squishy face haha

Baxter is back to school teaching and I am getting having to get use to him not being home all the time during the day. It is always so nice to have him home during the summer! We took these photos last weekend when I had the day off. We went and got some coffee and tea (my first time trying matcha!) and walked around a cute little corner of Tulsa. We had a great morning! I finished the day off with an amazing spin class and we went home and relaxed and watched movies. My spin classes are paying off and I was finally able to fit back into my favorite overalls! Woohoo! haha Board studying all summer meant some serious stress eating! I paired the overalls with the cutest pair of Keds. I love that they have a chunkier sole to give me a little bit of height (short people probs) and the fun colors give the otherwise simple outfit a little pop. They are super comfortable too and are a fun way to liven up my boring scrubs at work!

I feel like I just rambled a lot, but just wanted to give everyone a little life update! Have a wonderful day!

*Thank you Keds for sponsoring this post*

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