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Summer Fun With Ecco Domani

If you know me at all, you know I live for a good theme. I love dressing for the occasion, and I love it when my wine does too! Ecco Domani's #StyledBySiriano bottle is inspired by Christian Siriano's 2016 resort collection featuring colors and design that bring you right to Palm Springs circa1960. With the pops of pink and the green palm leaves, I am suddenly humming along to Frank Sinatra and dreaming of sitting poolside in the California desert. The label perfectly represents the sophisticated and chic wine inside. Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio delivers exactly what you expect from an Italian Pinot Grigio. On the nose, you are hit with soft floral and citrus aromas. On the palate, the scents are confirmed with the addition of tropical flavors with a crisp, acidic finish. What makes this Pinot Grigio different from the rest? It is all about altitude. These grapes are grown in the northeastern region of Italy known as Venezie. These grapes thrive in the high altitude where the days are warm and the nights are cool. This facilitates a longer growing season, allowing the grapes to generate the intense aromas they are so famous for.

This wine would be perfect for a summer night soirée alongside an assortment of light pastas, seafood, and cheeses such as fresh mozzarella. Make it a fun 60s theme and play the old Rat Pack classics and dress for the mood. Bright colors, fun florals, and retro silhouettes. The key to a themed party is to just have fun with it! No need to go all out. Stick with an era-specific playlist for a subtle theme. Or choose foods that were popular during the time. Make an spin on an ambrosia salad, shrimp cocktail, or deviled eggs. You could even go all out and have a fondue party! Who wouldn't be excited about a ton of melted cheesy goodness?

What are some ways you like to elevate a summer dinner party or get-together? If you're looking for inspiration, turn to your drink of choice, like I did with Ecco Domani's Pinot Grigio. Cheers to a beautiful summer!

Thank you Ecco Domani for sponsoring this post.

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