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Save The Dates

My save the dates are in and I am so excited to finally share the finished product! Throughout the wedding planning process, I have been looking for ways to add unique and personal touches. What better place than in the save the dates? Knowing that this is one of the first things our guests will see, I really wanted to set the vibe for the wedding. Each item on the card holds a special meaning, from some of our favorite restaurants, the red helicopter from our proposal, our wedding venue, and Rosie Jane herself ;-) To prepare for the project, I watched a bunch of YouYube videos on watercolors and did a lot of Pinteresting. This was my first watercolor project, and now I want to watercolor EVERYTHING! It is so fun to work with. After I completed the piece, I worked with PaperSource to turn it into the perfect postcard. They were so amazing to work with and helped make it such a stress-free process. I am so happy with how they turned out and will be framing the original for a sweet keepsake.

In other wedding planning news, we just got back from New Orleans on Sunday after checking a few more things off the wedding planning to-do list. We finally saw the venue in person (YAY!!), took our engagement photos (can't wait to share!), and worked on a few of the little details. Things are coming together and I cannot wait to marry my favorite person in March!

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