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Self-Care For The Busy Gal

Do you ever go through times in your life when you feel like you are just trying to stay above water? That is definitely me, RIGHT NOW. With all of the study hours I am putting in, it is so easy for me to forget to take care of myself. While I might not have time to have a full-blown "spa night", I love finding beauty/self-care products that are quick and easy to use, but still make me at least feel like I am treating myself. It is all about the little things, ladies!

Here are some of my favorite self-care products for the busy gal:

Coobie Lace Bralette: Sometimes just having something lacy and pretty on can make a girl feel put together. It works for me at least! I love this bralette because it is super comfortable and holds everything in place, but still has that little bit of sexy. And it is nice to give those sports bras a break ;-)

Bloom Mineral Kit: I love this kit because it is under $40 (get an additional 25% off with the code "skin25") and it made my skin feel AMAZING. There are 4 products in this kit:

Purifying mud mask: With ingredients like olive oil, honey, and aloe vera, it not only helps to get rid of all the impurities, but replenishes lost moisture.

Softening cleansing milk: An awesome makeup removing cleanser that leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft.

Shielding eye cream: With the help of vitamin E and Dead Sea minerals, it makes my tired eyes look like I might have had a full nights sleep. Even before coffee ;-)

Moisture shield: It is so so important to keep your skin moisturized. This keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

Nad's Sensitive Hair Removal Cream: Because who really has time to shave their legs everyday? Without the harsh chemicals or typical "hair removal cream smell", I can have silky smooth legs in less than 4 minutes. I hadn't used hair removal cream in years, but I think I have officially converted.

Clear Eyes Pure Relief: I had honestly never used eyedrops in my life until recently. With late nights and early mornings, I would wake up with red, painful eyes. These eye drops have saved me. Within seconds, my eyes feel a million times better. ($3 off coupon)

What are your favorite self-care products?

**This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. All opinions are my own.**

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