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5 Minute Loose Waves

Who really has time to get those fresh-off-the-Victoria's-Secret-catwalk curls every morning? (If you do, please email me your secrets.) I have tried almost every way to curl my hair from sponge rollers (90's babies represent), hot rollers, round brush, curling irons, and wands. I personally love the wand. I use a 1" barrel for a more relaxed curl. I have naturally wavy, thin hair, so this method might not work for all hair types.

My biggest tip is to pin the curls to let them cool and set. That step has been the biggest game changer for me. While they are pinned up, I usually finish my makeup or get dressed. Then I take the bobby pins out, spritz the ringlets with hairspray, let it dry and brush the curls out. Brushing the curls out gives them a softer, more natural look. I also only do 3 curls. This is what really helps cut the time down to 5 minutes. If your hair is thicker, you can do more curls, but 3 is what works for me. For a little extra volume, I love a good texture powder. Lately I have been using this one by Kristin Ess. It smells sooo good!


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