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The Proposal

^^Completely clueless

^^Before the ring!

^^ After the ring!!

^^ I couldn't stop dancing around! haha

^^With our pilot


The weekend was SO perfect and I have loved all of the sweet words and "congratulations!" Everyone has tons of questions, so I thought I would give y'all some answers ;-)

How long have you been together?

A long time! We got engaged just 2 weeks shy of our 13th anniversary. We met my freshman year of high school right after I moved to Louisiana. He would always ask where I got my clothes because I dressed so different from the girls there. I would always say "the store." haha Thank goodness he didn't write me off then and there!

Did you know it was coming?

I really didn't! I think I have mentioned the word "marriage" to Baxter about 3 times the entire time we have been together. I never wanted him to feel pressured, and I always wanted to be surprised. Over the past five years, just about every trip we have been on I have thought "well, this would be a good time!" So it wasn't any different with this trip, but I had convinced myself that it probably wasn't going to happen because I thought I had planned the whole getaway! Sneaky, sneaky!

What was his plan?

So a couple months ago, I get a text from my friend, Molly, saying her boyfriend, Cody, had friends going to Chicago and that Baxter and I should join them on the trip. I texted Baxter immediately and he was (obviously) down to go. Turns out it was all a lie and this is how they kept me so clueless! A few weeks before the trip, Baxter and Cody were going golfing and I suggested that they come up with something fun for us to do while on the trip. He came back and told me they had booked helicopters! I was SO excited and immediately asked if I could text Molly, just in case Cody was trying to surprise her. It is so funny thinking about the things I said during their planning.

How did it happen?

That morning, I was so excited about the helicopter ride I could hardly contain myself! I was asking everyone else if they were so excited, I was questioning Molly for wearing a skirt and heeled boots for a cold helicopter ride, and I was still completely oblivious. We got to the hangar and our pilot told us that Baxter and I would go first and then another pilot would come to pick Molly and Cody up. I didn't think twice about it. About 10 minutes into the flight is when he popped the question. It was the sweetest, most special moment of my life. When we landed, Molly and Cody had set up champagne, music, and flowers in the hangar and the celebrations began! It was magical!

What now?

This is actually my question to y'all. What now?! Where do I even begin? Help!

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