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Boxed wine? Yes, please!

Name La Vieille Ferme Vin Rouge

Varietal Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah

Country France

Price $21.99


Let's talk about one of my favorite things: boxed wine. Now, I am not talking your typical overly sweet Franzia (if that's your jam, you keep doing you). And while I suppose you can "slap the bag" with any level of boxed wine, that isn't what this post is about. Don't be quick to judge a wine from a box, there are some really delicious options out there. We almost always have a box of Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc in the refrigerator, and have for years now. Before you get concerned about my liver function, I want to reassure you that the main reason I am a big fan of the box is because I only occasionally have a glass of wine and I typically don't like drinking an opened bottle after 2 days. Boxed wine typically lasts for a month! I really love the convenience of being able to have one glass with no waste. It is also a more economical choice. Each box typically contains 3 liters of wine, which is equivalent to 4 bottles. For a little over $20, that breaks down to roughly $5 a bottle. So for about $1 glass, you can enjoy decent wine, any day of the week, and you don't have to guilt yourself into finishing an entire bottle, which typically leads to Chinese take-out, a Law and Order marathon, and zero studying. Oh, that doesn't happen to you? Weird. ;-)

Now that I have you convinced that boxed wine is the best thing since sliced bread, let's talk about some of my faves.

1. The already mentioned Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc. Refreshing, crisp, and easy. When people ask what I drink at home, this is it. Not at all fancy, but practical, good, and cheap...just the way I like it ;-)

2. Want something red, but not too heavy? Try La Vieille Ferme Vin Rouge. This is also available in the bottle, and in a rose and white. All are pretty delicious, but the red is my favorite.

3. Black Box Malbec is one that I frequently get when we have friends over. Perfect for dinner parties, sitting around the fire, or girls' nights.

4. Decent, cheap Pinots are very hard to find, but the Big House Pinot Noir delivers a pretty good juice for the price.

5. Let's skip that box and get right to the bag. EcoVINO Helibiker Red is dark, smoky, and smooth. As the name implies, EcoVINO brings you delicious wines in responsible packaging. Saving the planet one glass of wine at a time!

If you don't like the idea of serving your guests out of a box, pour the wine into carafes (like these or these) and serve out of those instead. Your guests will be none the wiser that their wine is coming from a box.


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