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My Skincare Routine

I have received a bunch of questions asking about my skin. I have always struggled with combination skin and large pores. You would think by now I would have figured out on my own how to be blackhead free with porcelain skin? haha Nope, I still call my mom for help. I will admit, I do have the advantage of having an esthetician for a mother :-) Of course, I do still have breakouts and bad skin days, but sticking to a routine and using quality products has definitely helped my skin. Some of the products I use are medical grade and need to be purchased from a medical spa or skincare professional. If you live in or near Birmingham, Alabama, holla at my mama (Jamie at Grotting Plastic Surgery) for some treatments and personalized skincare advice! You can also call (205-930-1600) and order the medical grade products from her office and they will ship directly to you.

Here are my step-by-step morning and night skincare routines:

Step 1: I am a "shower every morning" type of person, so I usually just wash my face in the shower while I let me conditioner soak in. I always use my Clarisonic with acne cleansing brush head. I have been using the Societe AHA cleanser (purchase from skincare professional) for years. I have tried others, but this cleanser really helps keep breakouts at bay. It uses the power of alpha-hydroxy acid to gently exfoliate your skin.

Step 2: The Societe Hydration Complex (purchase from skincare professional) is my all time favorite moisturizer. I have combination skin, so this lightweight cream brings moisture to the dry areas without making me more oily.

Step 3: I recently started using this product and have already noticed a slight difference! I dot it around my eyes and lightly blend it into my skin.

Step 4: I use to be really bad about wearing sunscreen daily, especially because I hated how it looked under my makeup...until I found this stuff! I love how it goes on and feels like it almost turns into a powder. I put my foundation right over top.

Step 1: I always make sure to clean all the day's makeup and dirt off my face before going to bed. I usually use my favorite cleanser, but sometimes I am lazy and will use these wipes. The wipes are also great for travel! I keep them in my bag to freshen my face after a long flight or car ride.

Step 2: A couple nights a week, I like to set aside some extra time to do some kind of treatment. Whether it be a good exfoliator (this ZO Exfoliating Polish is seriously amazing) or a mask (I have been trying all of their masks, but this one is my favorite), it not only helps my skin, but also helps me relax and focus on some self care.

Step 3: I have always battled with red skin. My cheeks are always rosy, but not in a good way. I use a color corrector with my makeup routine, but I love this Societe Calming Balm (purchase from skincare professional) at night. It is super thick and my skin always feels so soft in the morning.

Step 4: Because we all need a little extra help sometimes! I keep a tube of this around to zap any blemishes that I feel coming up. Works like a charm!

Step 5: I also use this eye cream at night. If I bathe in it, will I stay young forever? Asking for a friend.

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