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Knotted Up

Y'all, I am obsessed with this sweater! After seeing so many people wearing cute pieces from SheIn, I finally tried it out. I was super nervous after seeing those posts going around on Facebook about people ordering from cheap clothing websites and the items coming in completely different from what they ordered. This sweater was one of the pieces I got and it was $14! I also got this pair of shoes, and a couple of tops (this one and this one). Overall, the quality was pretty cheap, but for the price I was fine with it. The pieces did kind of smell a little when they came in. They went straight to the wash! One bit of advice when ordering on sites like this, read the reviews! I had a bunch more items in my cart, but then I went and read the reviews and took them out. I am glad I did! My friend ordered a "loose fitting sweatshirt" in a size large from SheIn, and it looked like a toddler could wear it! haha It was pretty funny. Has anyone else had a good or bad experience with this site? Any other bargain sites that you would recommend? I love finding good deals on cute clothes...especially since I am a broke student ;-) Help a sista out!

**Also, if you live in Tulsa, you have to go by The Phoenix and get "The Pearl." It is an iced espresso with sweetened condensed milk. SO good!! And it is just a cute place to study :-)


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