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Happy almost-Friday! The weather here in Tulsa has been CRAZY! I am pretty sure we have experienced all four seasons each week for the past month. I wore this adorable top last weekend when it was sunny and 85. No joke. In the middle of February. The warm weather made for a perfect day of shopping downtown followed by lunch at one of my favorite pizza places in Tulsa, STG Pizzeria.

I cannot get enough of the off-the-shoulder tops right now. This top (only $32) combined my obsession with stripes and the off-the-shoulder trend, so it was love at first site. I also really like this one, this one, and this one. I have to force myself to buy clothes that cover the shoulders so that I can have something to wear to school! The struggle is real, y'all. Speaking of school, we are officially 2 months from my FINAL finals week. I cannot believe how fast these past two years have flown by! If only I could just skip over boards and go right to rotations ;-) I am writing this post in between Pathoma videos. If you are a med student, you know the amazingness of Dr. Sattar. He is the [Do people still say that? Oh, well. He totally is.] Baxter and Rosie are on vacation in Louisiana this week and I am so jealous of all the crawfish and king cake they get to eat...well, that Baxter gets to eat :-) Rosie loves going to Louisiana and gets so excited when she sees us pack her things in the truck with the fishing poles and boat. She is a waterdog through and through! Missing those babes already!


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