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Anciano Tempranillo

Name Anciano

Varietal Tempranillo

Region Valdepenas

Country Spain

Year 2005

Price $12.99


I don't think I have reviewed a Spanish wine yet, and I am honestly not sure why. They are so good! My favorite part about drinking wine is how it can take you right to the place that it was made. You can taste the soil, the climate, and the food that it is typically paired with. It is like traveling the world with each sip. Whenever we travel, we always bring back bottles of wine for us to drink when we are missing the places we have been. Spain is one place that has not been checked off my bucket list (yet!), but judging by the wine, I think I would fall in love.

Spanish Tempranillo are packed with flavor. Like, JAM-packed. As soon as the glass nears your nose, you will be hit with dried fig, vanilla, and cherry. All of which is intensified on the palate. The bold tannins are softened by the ten years of aging in this Gran Reserva. The Anciano was medium-bodied and delivered the punch of flavor I was expecting, but at a really reasonable price. I enjoyed this wine over some good girl talk, but if you want a wine to pair with foods, this is a great one. It is bold enough to stand up to full-flavored dishes. So pour it along side your favorite Mexican dish, a tomato-based Italian dish, or anything with corn as the main ingredient. ¡Salud!


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