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Time With My Love

Is my love for Valentine's Day obvious yet? One of my favorite things to do each year is make a special Valentine's breakfast! I could spend hours on Pinterest going through holiday themed foods. Do you know how many foods can easily be made into a heart? It is amazing! In the mornings, I am usually still half asleep while trying to make breakfast, so I always look for easy recipes. When I want to be fancy, but don't want to slave away in the kitchen all day, I always turn to the one and only puff pastry. It makes every dish delicious! I always keep some in the freezer just in case I need to whip something up that will be ready-to-impress. These heart tarts turned out so cute, were so simple, and, most importantly, tasted amazing!

This year for Valentine's day, I gifted Baxter the coolest men's watch and he loved it! He never leaves home without his watch, so I knew this would be the perfect gift! These wood watches have such unique details and are beautifully crafted. And after I received my early present, a robot vacuum, I knew I had to get him something good! (See snapchat for my obsession with my vacuum cleaner). After a dozen years together, he knows just what makes me swoon ;-)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? I always love hearing fun ideas for date nights! And of course, if you have any recipes that involve heart-shaped foods, holla at your girl!

Enter to win a $100 Jord wood watch gift card here!

*Thanks to Jord for sponsoring this post.


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