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La Marca Prosecco

Name La Marca

Varietal Prosecco (a.k.a. Glera)

Region Veneto

Country Italy

Price $13.50


And just like that, January is over. It has been a crazy month, but we survived. I think we deserve some bubbles to celebrate! I love popping open sparkling wine. Just the sound of the cork leaving the bottle puts me in a good mood! Surely I am not the only one ;-) Since I have already talked about the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine (here), I want to talk about my FAVE sparkling wine, Prosecco. Why? Two reasons:

1. Affordable: Champagne isn't cheap. It is made using the "Traditional Method," which is rather costly compared to Prosecco, which uses the more affordable "Tank Method." With the Tank Method, you can skip the bottle aging, riddling, disgorgement, and consolidation, and go right from 2nd fermentation to clarification/cooling to bottling from a pressurized tank. Of course we need to figure in the market demand for Champagne, but cutting out all of those winemaking steps allows Prosecco producers to make a more budget-friendly wine. Thank you!

2. Taste: The primary flavors of Prosecco include honeysuckle, honeydew, fresh cream, and pear. They are much more flower and fruit-forward than bubbles from the Champagne region. We can thank the Glera grape for that! The aging process for Prosecco in the large tanks also involves less pressure, resulting in lighter, frothier bubbles.

So next time you want some sparkling without breaking the bank, pick up some Prosecco! This La Marca is widely available and always a go-to in this house. For under $15 a bottle, I can celebrate every day! Well...most days. Or at least days you can commit to a whole bottle...because nobody likes flat Prosecco. Cheers!


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