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Christmas Card Sneak Peek

I love sending out Christmas cards, and I love receiving them even more! I hardly ever get snail mail from friends and family, so it is always special when one arrives. I still have Christmas cards we received years ago on our fridge. I especially love the ones with photos. Even though we are all so connected on social media with constant photo and video sharing, I like having a printed photo to hold onto for years to come. I had my sister take these photos over Thanksgiving break, and I love them! Rosie was being so rotten the whole time and it cracks me up how much of her personality shows in the pics. I made the mistake of choosing the park with the most squirrels, so if she looks really interested in something in the photo, it is because there is a squirrel right behind the camera! I am also very proud of myself for getting these out on time this year! That, my friends, is a Christmas miracle ;-)


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