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Thanksgiving Recap

And just like that, it is officially CHRISTMAS TIME! Before I dive head first into Cyber Monday craziness, I wanted to recap my Thanksgiving weekend. As I mentioned before, this was my first Thanksgiving to host, and it was definitely a learning experience. Cooking for that many people, so many different dishes, can be quite the task. Not to mention my tiny kitchen! I am convinced that if I can cook a holiday feast for 8 in my kitchen, I can do anything!

We cooked all the traditional dishes, and everything turned out delicious! I am very thankful for all the help I had in the kitchen. We went a little less traditional with the wine and went with everyones' favorites instead of focusing on food pairing. The Nero d'Avola I am pouring in the photos is one of my mother's faves and it was under $12!

For the table setting, I used things that I already had around the house. For the centerpiece, I used a candle holder that I use in my bedroom decor, and placed it inside my fall wreath (took that sucker right off the front door----no shame). We had some left over rosemary, so I used that with the place settings along with some little pumpkins I usually have placed on my mantle during the fall months. My point is, you do not have to go out and spend a bunch of money to make a pretty table-scape. Be creative, look around your house, and even your yard!

The best part about Thanksgiving this year was spending time with my family. There are so many things I am thankful for this year, it is overwhelming! I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday and happy shopping!


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