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La Finca Malbec

Name La Finca

Varietal Malbec

Region Mendoza

Country Argentina

Year 2015

Price $4.99


Malbec is becoming more and more popular every year. When I was working behind the bar, I would sell almost as much Malbec as I did Cabernet Sauvignon. Even though Malbec originally hails from France, nearly 70% is now grown in Argentina. When I grab a bottle of Malbec, I typically pick one from Mendoza, Argentina. France tends to produce a Malbec with more structure, heavier tannins, and a meaty quality. Argentinian Malbec is often more fruit-forward and inky, with a velvety texture. The differences are attributed to the thin-skinned grape being highly sensitive to terroir. Terroir, in short, is the effect of the sun, soil, climate, and altitude on the wine. The sunny and dry climate of Mendoza give these wines the fruity and robust qualities we all know and love.

This La Finca made the long car ride from Alabama (where their Trader Joes actually sells wine...sigh). My mother picked this up for under $5! You just cannot beat that price. While I could tell that it was bargain wine, it really wasn't bad! Medium-bodied, hints of vanilla from the oak, and the bold fruit I expect from Mendoza. It fell a little flat, lacking the complexity you could get if you spent a few dollars more. This would be perfect for those nights you know you will be opening more than a few bottles and want a cheaper option to follow the more quality wines.

...Or when you just need some wine for $5 ;-)


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