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Gift Guide: For the Host

Holiday season is upon us! With that, the party invites are beginning to pile up. When friends and family graciously host a party, I love bringing a little gift with me to the party. I often will just bring a bottle of wine, but during the holidays I like adding something special. Here are 5 gift ideas to bring the host of your next holiday party:

1. Margarita Glasses + Tequila: Who doesn't love a good margarita? Margarita glasses are a fun addition to a bottle of tequila. If you are on a budget, the glasses with 1 or 2 of those cute mini tequila bottles and a lime would be perfect!

2. Julep Cups + Bourbon: I love pretty things, and julep cups are exactly that! Add a bundle of mint to this gift to make it extra special.

3. Coasters + Craft Beer: There are so many awesome craft beers hitting the market lately, and many have seasonal beers for the holidays. Pick up a 6 pack and some fun coasters and your gift will be definite a hit!

4. Cocktail Shaker + Gin: I have seen so many cute cocktail shakers in the stores lately. I personally love gin, but if you know the host's favorite spirit, go with that!

5. Champagne Flutes + Sparkling Wine: Nothing says the holidays like a little bubbly! Grab a bottle of sparkling wine (or cider) and some flutes for an easy gift that your host will love!

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