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Two Goldens Are Better Than One

Jacket: Mango // Overalls: Sold Out (Similar here and here) // Socks: Target // Boots: Hunter // Striped Shirt: Gap


We took these photos a couple of weeks ago before winter decided to show up. It is currently below freezing, and I am looking back at these pictures dreaming of warmer days! Baxter and I have been debating on whether or not to get another pup for a couple of years, but always find a reason not to pull the trigger. We signed up for DogVacay instead, and it is the best! It is pretty much like Airbnb, but for dogs! We usually try to travel with Rosie, but when we can't, I hate the idea of boarding her. I know many other dog parents that feel the same way. When you go on DogVacay, you can scroll through profiles and find a sitter that is a perfect match for you and your fur child. Rosie loves having the extra company around, and I love it even more! Baxter just likes it because it keeps me from begging for another puppy ;-)


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