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Petit Pinotage

Name Petit

Varietal Pinotage

Region Stellenbosch

Country South Africa

Year 2014

Price $11.27


What a week! As I clean the house, do some much needed laundry, and pack for my trip this weekend, I decided I should enjoy a little vino to make the housework a little more enjoyable. This Pinotage is doing just the trick! I immediately get the smoky bacon, followed by plum, cherries, and spice. A delicious wine for a cool, fall evening around the house. I am really wishing I had some barbecue to go with it! The smokiness is begging for a rack of ribs.

Now, don't be mislead by the name "Pinotage." While the grape is technically related to Pinot Noir, it favors a shiraz. It was created by crossing Pinot Noir with Cinsault, which surprisingly produced an extremely dark grape and rich, tannic wines. Pinotage had a rough start, with a some-what bad reputation, but South African wine makers are beginning to reduce crop yields and focus on crafting beautiful and unique wines. This Petit Pinotage by Ken Forrester is a good example of a well-made Pinotage at an affordable price.

Looking for a unique wine to try this weekend? Do yourself a favor and pick up a Pinotage!


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