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The Easiest Corn Dip Ever

It is finally fall!! Which means, it is also football season! I wish I could say that I was a die-hard fan of some team, but that is so far from the truth. My dad played football for the University of Florida and is a huge fan, so I grew up with college football games always on. Just the sound of football on the tv makes me think of fall and childhood. I went to Louisiana State University (they even won the national championship my freshman year!!), but it still wasn't enough to convert me! Ha! But don't get me wrong, I fully support all of the festivities associated with the game. I am even on a fantasy team this year! I have no clue what I am doing, but I am on one!

One of my favorite things about football season is the social part. Oh, you want me to come and sit on you couch and eat dips, chicken wings, and drink a beer? Well, twist my arm! You never want to come to a party empty handed, so here is the easiest corn dip ever. It is always a crowd pleaser and it makes a TON! Enjoy!


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