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Rosie Jane Turns Five!

Where do I even start with this girl?! She is a whole lotta sass and I love every inch of her! As soon as she realizes her photo is being taken, she turns. IT. ON. It cracks me up! Today Rosie Jane is turning five! I can't believe it. She is getting her favorite dinner (steak, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes) tonight and meeting up with some of her friends at her favorite park :-) If you follow me on snapchat (lbessette), you know I am always oversharing pics/videos of Rose. #sorrynotsorry

I won't bore you with stories of Rosie's first swim, her first trick, or her first (and last, thank goodness) squirrel she murdered in cold-blood in our yard. I just wanted to share her adorable face and wish her a happy 5th birthday! <3


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