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Give Me All the Plaid!

This past week was "Make Your Bed Week," which is a celebration and recognition of the positive effects of making your bed. I was raised in a house where the first thing we did after waking up was make our beds. For me, it signifies that the day is starting and there is no going back! I function better when things are in order, this includes my bedroom being clean and my being bed made :-)

This weekend I finally caught up on some much needed housework. Like MUCH needed. I work really well on a "reward system" when doing things that are just no fun. Cleaning being one of those things. So I told myself that if I made the house spotless, I could reward myself with some fun new fall decor. This translated into everything plaid that I could get my hands on, including these adorable pillows!

Have a great week! And make your bed ;-)


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