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Afternoon Picnic

First big exam of the semester under the belt! Woohoo! We typically have our exams on Mondays, so I make Monday my "day off." Aside from the exams, they are always my favorite day of the week! I make sure I leave all of my notes at school or in my backpack, and I focus all my time on anything BUT school. This past week, we went on a picnic and it was so fun! I have always loved picnics, and with the weather finally cooling down (like under 100 degrees), it was time to gather my two main food groups (cheese and bread) and head to a local park. I like keeping it simple with picnic food, so I just stopped by the grocery and grabbed a baguette, a few different cheeses, some charcuterie, and fruit. One of my favorite meals! Rosie's, too ;-)

The best part about this "romantic afternoon" came when we were mid-meal and were suddenly surrounded by soccer mom cars full of screaming kids. Turns out, we had set up shop right in the middle of the practice field! Ha! We still had a great time, and it was an afternoon off well spent. Next time we will pick a different field :-)

What do you like to do on your days off?


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