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Fryin' Up Frog Legs

You are either thinking one of two things... "People really eat those things?!" or "Holy cow, those are huge!"

And the answer to both is YES! They are sooo good and these are the biggest frog legs I have ever seen. Now, I did not grow up eating frog legs. I think I tried them for the first time soon after we moved to Louisiana when I was 14. I remember everyone saying "they taste like chicken!" and they really do. I think the best way to describe them would be like juicy, dark meat chicken. And of course, anything fried is okay in my book!

So after enjoying my share of frog legs made by others, it was time for me to give it a go. Baxter, the boyfriend, is an avid sportsmen and is always bringing home the groceries. Some more appreciated than others. Ha! But he knows the rule, bring it to me looking like it came from the grocery store. This was definitely one of those times that I needed him to stick to the rules ;-) There are many ways to cook frog legs, but since it was my first time and I didn't really know what to expect, I felt like frying would be the safest bet.

So here goes nothing!

I started off by soaking the legs in buttermilk at room temperature for about an hour. This helps tenderize and flavor the meat. Once they are finished soaking, I whipped up some beer batter. I combined corn flour, hot sauce, creole mustard, 10 ounces of beer, an egg, and salt and pepper. One by one (since they were HUGE) I took them from the buttermilk bath to the batter and into the pan with peanut oil heated to 350 degrees. I cooked until golden brown on each side and then moved them to a paper towel and sprinkled with salt. I repeated this step for each set of legs.

I served these delicious frog legs up with some roasted okra, hush puppies, and remoulade sauce. Y'all, I might have to start catching my own frogs just so I can make this more often!...Or just find a grocery store that carries them :-)

1. Soak frog legs in buttermilk at room temperature for one hour.

2. Mix up batter: hot sauce, egg, creole mustard, corn flour, beer, salt and pepper.

3. One at a time, move legs from buttermilk bath to batter and into a pot of hot peanut oil (350 degrees).

4. Fry until golden brown on each side and move to paper towel lined plate. Sprinkle with salt immediately.



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