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Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

Name Casal Garcia

Varietal Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto, and Azal

Region Vinho Verde

Country Portugal

Year 2015

Price $7.65


This is my ultimate go-to wine for so many reasons. It is a young wine (hence the name) with slight effervesce, making it so refreshing and delicious! It is minerally and dry, with citrus notes. The classic "patio pounder." It hails from the Vinho Verde region of Portugal, which is famous guessed it, Vinho Verde. There are many grape varietals that are grown in this region and a number of grapes that are permitted to be used for Vinho Verde DOC. The Casal Garcia consists of four of the recommended grapes. My favorite part thing about this wine? It is always cheap. It pairs great with food because of the vibrant acidity, but doesn't need food.

There really isn't much more to say about this wine other than it is just plain yummy! It is always a crowd pleaser, and you should hardly pay over $10 for a decent Vinho Verde. I can definitely cheers to that!



Wine glasses: Riedel

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