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My Obsession with Blue Apron

If you know me at all, you know I swear by Blue Apron. We have been getting deliveries once a week, since January, and it is like Christmas every Wednesday afternoon. I have such a busy schedule, so it is SO nice to have my groceries planned out and delivered right to my door! Each week, you choose 3 of the 6 recipe choices, and you get fresh, in-season ingredients, with everything perfectly pre-portioned for each meal delivered on whichever day is best for you. It is seriously a dream come true. Feeding more than two people? No worries! They have you covered with the 4-person recipe options. Blue Apron is offering readers $30 off when you sign up! Click here and click the orange "redeem" button on the top of the page. You can thank me later ;-)

This is the delicious box I got this week!

The spicy chicken and Korean rice cakes were amazing! I love how I get to try ingredients that I have never even heard of before. Korean rice cakes aren't typically on my grocery list, but now they might just need to be! They were so good.

Next up, the BBQ pork burgers and corn on the cob! We ALWAYS get the burgers when we have them as an option. The meats they send are top quality, and make the best burgers. This one was no different.

Last, but not least, the spicy peperonata pasta! This one was crazy easy, and after my first bite I immediately said "yep, I will be making this one again!" I love the direction sheets they send because I can keep them for future reference! I have a huge stack in my cabinet that I can pull from on days we don't have a Blue Apron to cook. They are so easy to follow too.

Is your mouth watering? Go to the website and get $30 off your first box! Click the orange "redeem" button at the top of the page, and you are set! No coupon code needed.


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