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Olivares Rosado

Name Olivares

Varietal Monastrell

Region Jumilla

Country Spain

Year 2015

Price $9.57


I am loving everyone's new found love for rosé lately! It was long overdue. I remember the first time a glass of rosé was offered to me. My initial reaction was "No way. I am not drinking that sweet pink wine that every housewife in '95 guzzled while making the latest casserole recipe." I think a lot of people have that reaction...maybe not quite as dramatic. But let me tell you, times have changed! We are finally inviting this beautiful wine into our lives, and it is here to stay.

So what is rosé? It is simply a type of wine that gets its color from the skins of the grapes, but not long enough to be considered a red wine. This allows the wine to pick up qualities from the skins, while remaining light and refreshing. They can be made with a variety of grape types, and can be found in different regions all over the world.

This rosé, or rosado as they like to call it in Spain, is made from Monastrell, which is the most significant grape grown in Jumilla. It thrives in the warm climate in that region. It also makes a great rosé! The Olivares is a beautiful salmon color, and has a nice fruitiness. It was slightly one-dimensional, but for the price, I was ok with it. I shared the bottle with some girlfriends who thought that it smelled like tequila. It did have an interesting white pepper nose, but it wasn't as strong on the palate. While I am still partial to rosés from Southern France, this was a nice alternative.



Wine glasses: Riedel

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