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Villa Wolf Gewurztraminer

Name Villa Wolf

Varietal Gewurztraminer

Region Pfalz

Country Germany

Year 2014

Price $8.99


Gewurztra-what?! Don't let the crazy name scare you away from this amazing grape varietal. It is one of my favorites! The Villa Wolf Gewurztraminer (geh VAIRTZ trah mee ner) is from the Pfalz region in Southwest Germany. It benefits from one of the warmest and driest climates in Germany, thanks to the Haardt mountain range blocking the cold and wet weather coming in from the Atlantic. This allows the grapes to come to full ripeness every year.

Are you having a hard time letting go from your college favorite Moscato? This is a nice transition into adulting. It is considered "off-dry", meaning that there is some residual sugar, but it is balanced perfectly with the bright acidity of this wine. This hint of sweetness makes it an amazing food wine! Looking for a wine to pair with your cheese board? Gewurztraminer! Spicy food? Definitely, Gewurztraminer! I love having this one around for a girls' night when everyone has different tastes in wine. It is always a crowd pleaser!

This is a solid 4.2/5


Wine glass: Riedel

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