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Collegiata Pinot Grigio

Name Collegiata

Varietal Pinot Grigio

Region Umbria

Country Italy

Year 2014

Price $8.49


Another hot day here in Oklahoma, and all I want is something light, refreshing, and COLD. I made summer panzanella (recipe here) for lunch, and wanted something that would compliment the acidity of the tomatoes and vinaigrette. This wine came to my table all the way from Umbria, a region in central Italy. The grapes are immediately crushed and cold-fermented in stainless steel to keep the freshness, and it shows. This wine was crisp, clean, and had subtle flavors of green apple and lemon. I will probably pick this one up again! It would be excellent alongside lemon chicken, sushi, or grilled shrimp.

Maybe it was the summer heat, or the delicious panzanella, but I give this wine a 4.0/5.

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